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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Disney on Ice- Princesses

Another great night with two of my favorite girls!. Natalie got us some great seats at the Hippodrome in Baltimore to see Disney on Ice. We had seen the same show when Ella was two and Jennifer went with us and we all wore dresses and tiaras. This time it was just the three of us and we dressed down a touch but all wore Disney head wear. It was so fun to see all the little girls dressed as their favorite Princess. Ella has always loved Minnie Mouse Princess and even named our dog after her. She knows I love Belle because Papa reminds me of the big lovable Beast. We all like CinderElla because of course she has the same name. Although Ella was named after two of my favorite women, Tom's grandmother, GabriELLA and my mother, Nancy, who died two months before Ella was born. Hence Ella Nancy.

Back to the show.We got there early to see the dresses on display but so did everyone else and we were stuck in line for 45 minutes. We saw Cinderella's dress first, those mice did a great job. We were in the 6th row (second row off the floor). We got to see everything, not sure still if that made the show better for us. We thought they would have some "dinner" food but we ended up with funnel cake, fries , popcorn & soft pretzel. I don't think she minded. It was also the first day she was wearing her new glasses, aren't they cute.We're going to be better about making sure she wears them this time.
"Thank You, Mommy!

Can I watch a movie in the van on the way home"
Life is good!

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  1. WHAT FUN!!!
    It was here in Jan, but I think it comes several times a year, but I want to see this show with the real dresses!!!
    What memories you are making!!!