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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Sleepover-Why Not?

Jen called Wednesday morning and asked if we would like Jack to spend the night because she had things to do. Sure,Why not? Tom takes Jack to gymnastics on Wednesday anyway so he just brought him home afterwords.

Of course we have Sami every day so for a few hours we had two toddlers in the house,

Why Not? When Sami left I asked Jack what he wanted to do and he said "dig in snow" so that's what we did, Why Not?

Brutus enjoyed the snow too

Why Not?

We decided to take the fun across the street to the playground.

Why Not?

Hot Chocolate and nuggets for dinner.

Why Not?
Then popcorn and a movie(yes, he has a baby, why not?),
Dinosaurs in bed.

Why Not?
I asked him if he wanted oatmeal or eggs for breakfast and he said"no want something hot" so we made fruit salad.

Why Not?

oh, and a granola bar

Why Not?
Then he wanted to help me empty the dishwasher

Why Not?
There was a delay opening in school because of ice so we had Ella for a couple of extra hours, so a game of hide and seek broke out (BOO).

Why Not?
and a game of who's on the phone,

Why Not?
People wonder why we spend so much time with our grandkids,

Why Not!
I know why, I love them and they make my life complete.

oh ya, and it's FUN!

1 comment:

  1. HI!!!
    And you are such a FUN wonderful grandma!!!
    We are having a sleepover here tonight too!!
    Are these not the best moments in one's life???
    I love your adventurous side, walking and playing in all that snow???We watched a movie and had fruit snacks and a CUPCAKE!!!WHY NOT!!!
    Hugs 2 U,