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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Visit from My Sister

Look who rolled into town on their Harley. My sister, Cookie aka Nancy, and her husband Ron from Ohio.and this is what you need when you take a 3 day trip on a motorcycle. They were very well organized.They also brought a couple of pictures of our new great nephew, Benjamin, who was born on the anniversary of our mother's death. A much better way to remember May 9th.
Here he is with his big sister and Mommy, who braved an airplane 10 DAYS after giving birth. Crazy or brave, I'm not sure. LOLThe trip was going so well they skipped the hotel halfway through and showed up a day and a half before we were expecting them. So we had all day Saturday with them. We took them (and Ella because Ella needs to be in the middle of everything) to breakfast and then over to see Jennifer and the kids.Jack took to him right away and the "kids" played. We think Jack remembered him from last summer when they played at the campground we stayed at in Ohio. He doesn't seem to remember that in the midst of all that fun he fell into the fire pit. Thank goodness. I hope someday I can forget.Even Lily took to him, showing off her new ability to stand up all on her own, actually taking her first steps the next day.I think she still prefers her PapaThen we took them to a little town on The Chesapeake Bay.First stop, Bomboy's for ice creamI just realized I didn't get any pictures of my sister and I together. I avoid the camera, puts on 10 pounds.The we visited a restored light house keepers house. Thomas, Natalie & the girls met up with us there.Wait, here's a picture of Cookie & I, FROM BEHIND! I knew pictures put ten pounds on you.

Then we stopped by the lighthouse and then walked around the boardwalk.
Natalie & EllaWe ended up at the Bomboy 's across the street which sells candy.By the time I thought about taking a picture of our candy stash there was only one piece of chocolate left. Then we took them took a local restaurant for dinner. We also went to a great local Italian restaurant for brunch after church on Sunday. That ten pounds is starting to sound like it's not just an optical illusion doesn't it?Then to the main event. Since Cookie is Lily's godmother, they came for Lily's first birthday party.Jen put us to work before the festivities. Wait, another great picture of my sister and I!Aunt Cookie & Lily. SWEET! I need to do a whole separate post for the party.Good Bye Cookie and Ron, thanks for coming!

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