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Friday, May 13, 2011

Worship Mom Week End Day One

We forgot the sand toys at the house but they didn't seem to notice.

Three at three and under.

Twice a year we try to do at least an overnight trip with all the kids and grandkids.We do one for New Year, which is also Tom's birthday. Then what our oldest son, Thomas, has dubbed the "Worship Mom Week End" since I was born on Mother's Day. Tom has been making a lot out of my birthday/Mother's Day since the kids were little.

This year we went back to the same beach house we have been renting for the last three years. See HERE and HERE. We enjoy the beach but not really the swimming so this time of year is perfect for us. We are thinking of getting the older grandkids some wetsuits for next year so they can spend a bit more time in the water. We also enjoy the boardwalk and the kids enjoy the rides which traditionally open for Mother's Day. Those we'll be on day two though and I don't want to get ahead of myself.

This year Charlie, Michele and the kids came in Thursday night so we could get an earlier start on the week end and Thomas & Natalie let Ella skip school Friday too (thanks guys). So we started the day with a healthy breakfast before the two hour drive to the beach.

Tom and I took Wyatt and Sami because Ella wanted to ride with Aunt Chel & Uncle Chuckles (& baby Piper). They thought they got the easier two. The joke's on them, she talked continually for the whole trip LOL

The kids jumped right in while the grown ups unpacked. Then Jen, Shawn and the kids showed up and we had lunch before going out to the beach.

"That's ok Lily, I'll take Piper's hat off"

The kids loved seeing this tiny sand crab on our path to the beach.


Lily loved the sand, she loves everything

Wyatt, I love your bug shoes

Cousins only six months apart

Ella LOVES the ocean

Jack was wet up to his shoulders

Wyatt and his mommy

Lily Bean

Tom and I with half the grandkids

Sand Angles for sure!

They were finding all kinds of treasures

Ella realized for the first time that her and her uncle have the same color hair

Time to go back to the house



Lily, glad we brought the extra portable high chairs

say cheese, Sami

but I don't like meat balls (nice grip, Wyatt)


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