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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Robert Scared the Crap out of All of Us

I have plenty of pictures to post of our week end in Ohio but I just don't feel like posting happy times right now.
We were all in Ohio. Celebrating Ella & Samantha's birthdays and having my brothers and sisters meeting Lily for the first time. We wanted to host something so we rented a cabin in a KOA campground. My brothers & their wives each own campers so they got sights in the same park. Swimming, fishing, playgrounds and cooking outside. Fun times.

Shawn had to work at the last minute so Jen & her kids came with Tom & I. Thomas, Natalie & the girls would be there on Saturday. Saturday evening came and everyone came together for a celebration, cooking and eating outside. Everything was going great, playing with squirt guns and chasing each other around the camp sight and then the storm hit. We ran around like wild people trying to get everything into the campers out of the rain. Then it was decided that it was safe to play in the rain and the squirt guns came back out and so did the hose. I watched from inside and at one point I even had Jennifer yell outside to the kids not to run around the campfire. A little while later I figured I should go out and take some pictures, the kids were having a great time.

I stepped out the door and took a couple of pictures and to my horror I saw John Robert running around the fire pit. I knew he would fall and could do nothing to stop him. I screamed and time stood still. I'm crying now as I type this and that picture of him falling into the fire is stuck in my brain. My brother was to him within seconds and my sister in law had him hosed down at the same time. My heart stood still. I always thought I would be good in a crisis but I feel like I froze for a couple of very important seconds. I scooped him up and took him inside and stripped off his clothes asking him where it hurt. He said only his hands so I rinsed them in cold water and he kept saying "thank you". We realized that it wasn't as bad as it looked or could have been. He ended up with second degree burns on his hands and first degree on his belly. When I was rocking him later he kept telling me "sorry". He is such a sweet boy.

He has since been to Patient First and his pediatrician and they have decided he needs some treatment on his right hand at the burn center just because they want to be sure it heals correctly for a growing boy.

Oh ya and on top of that Sami passed on hand, foot & mouth disease that she got somewhere in KY during her visit. He had a 102 temp and had an episode of diarrhea in his big boy underwear while he was at the clinic on post (that the hazmat team had to clean up). Our big boy just keeps on smiling!

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