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Monday, May 9, 2011

7 Years Ago Today my Mother Went to Heaven

A Little Bit about Mom So glad I was able to visit them in Florida for her 70th birthday just 3 months before she died.

Sometimes (not often which made it funnier) she would ham it upShe loved vacations and her friends
She loved puzzles & games

Supporting Jennifer at Basic TrainingOur last Mother's Day. We had no idea.

The next Mother's Day would be the day she died.She loved family get togethersShe worked at the Post Office for 27 yearsThomas was born on her birthday. Here he turns 16 and she turns 61with Jenni with Tommy

Visiting us in ColoradoGramma NancyRoller skating, she loved roller skating

Visiting us in Germany with our boys

with her mom
With our "Tommy". She loved books and after she retired she worked part time at the library

Here I am in the same dress, it still hangs in my closet

My HS graduation
with her first grandchild

They loved to danceShe loved the beach and getting a tan Four Generations

She was always cold. There's that blanket again.There's that blanket againYoung Lovemwith her big brother, Carl

Miss ya Mom!

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  1. She was a wonderful Gramma and I love her and miss her very much.