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Friday, September 7, 2012

Nine Sweeties

When we found out our little Squirt was going to be leaving us to live with his grandparents I HAD to get a group picture taken.
 This kind of thing is my major weakness. It adds my two weaknesses which are childrens' clothes and pictures all into one. My family is so good about supporting my obsession and I truly appreciate them for that.

 The girls wore their Easter dresses that Jennifer and I found on Ebay. She may have a couple of the same weaknesses as her mom. Sorry Jen.
 I came across these great Chaps shirts in all the boys' sizes at Kohls.com while shopping for school clothes. Jennifer wanted to knit them all matching vests but there's not enough time in the day for her to do all the projects.
 The brothers paired off for a quick pic and this one is so true with little brother telling big brother what he thinks
 What we didn't expect to happen was to get another Foster Son before our first one was even gone. They overlapped for four days and what a crazy four days! Squirt was 3 weeks old and 4 pounds when he came to us 2 1/2 months ago. Now he's over 10 pounds and starting to smile and sleep through the night.
Our new Little Man is only a week old but already 6 1/2 pounds.
 I feel like when I was a teen ager and loved roller coasters so much that I would ask to stay on the roller coaster and ride again. I much prefer THIS roller coaster

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  1. What wonderful pictures and you will be forever glad that you have them!