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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Three First Days of School

These two were our  first Sweeties to start school this year.
A First Grader and a Second Grader.
Jennifer made each of their teachers a special bag with their name embroidered.
I go over to Thomas and Natalie's and get their four up and ready.
The boys fit into the family so well.

I went crazy buying school clothes this year but Thomas took each one of the three older ones to pick out their first day outfits and backpacks.
After they were ready I brought them back to our house so that Papa could drive them to school.They love to play with Jack and Lily.
 Thomas and Natalie chose to not put them in our local school but instead they attend the school Thomas teaches in since it's the boys home school and with Ella's new genetic diagnosis he wants to keep a closer eye on her.

Only these two went the first morning since Kindergarten had delayed entry

We tried to keep our Kindergartner busy until it was his turn. The first day was only half day and a parents stays with them. He sure does love Lily, I'm not sure why but he took a special liking to her.
Then it was his turn and Ms Natalie came to get him.
She stayed the rest of the day with him. He has the same teacher Ella and his brother had for Kindergarten.
Here's a closer look of the bag Jen made for the teachers.
The next day it was John Robert's turn. He also had a delayed entry and Jen stayed with him the first day. He only goes half days but he does go five days a week to the same school as the other kids.
I couldn't just let him go without making sure he was all together. He has two teachers so Jen made two bags.
His first first day

His second first day

She also made these to go inside the teacher's bags

Jennifer  made this tray of goodies for the principals.
 Then yesterday we had our last first day when Sami started a three day a week half day program at our local community college. It's the same place Ella and Jack both started. Jennifer made her this adorable first day outfit.
 Jennifer took her on her way to drop Jack off at his school.
 Mommy met them there and stayed with her for her first day.


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