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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve Ta Da

With Shawn deployed, Tom unable to do much only two months out of his fourth spinal fusion and Thomas & Natalie and their four at DisneryWorld we really wanted to keep everything low key. Of course we do have three preschoolers in the house so we had to keep up appearances. Charlie and Michele decided to house sit across the street so we had another two sweeties.Then  Charlie comes over and says "so what are we doing tomorrow?' hmmm
Jen and I got together and decided to see what we had in the house for a nice sit down dinner. We had a ham, fresh cauliflower, a frozen lasagna and green bean casserole fixings. We pulled out the china and crystal, put lemonade in the coffee pot, put on our party best clothes and Ta Da

When we toasted Daddy with our drinks Jack kept asking where was his toast.
 We got tired of trying to explain it to him so Jen just made him a slice.

I don't think Michele got the message about wearing her party best.
I guess we'll let it slide this time since she had a good time.

We just came across these Figits for $15 the day before and I got a couple just to have so TaDa

Daddy had sent this doll to Lily but nothing for anyone else so Jen was waiting for the right time to give it to her. TaDa

By the look on Jen's face this last minute party was just what she needed

Wyatt was not so thrilled with his Scentsy Lion.  I had them on hand because Jen was selling them buy one get one free, so I did. TaDa?

Wyatt called me yesterday to say he liked it and if I had any ideas for a name. I really didn't mind at all that he didn't like it, I kinda felt bad for his parents but I knew he'd eventually would like it.

He got the other Scentsy pet and he liked it. He likes everything. Ta Da
Jack was tickled to get his Larry Mobile. Earlier in the month he found where Santa had hidden it and got a message from Santa saying he was just storing it at our house and he may or may not get one of his own. TaDa

Piper enjoyed her brother's Scentsy Lion. She kept having us all smell it (It is a stuffed animal with a scent pack in it)

Really Charlie? Put the phone DOWN

and Lily loved Pipers Figit

 Snow for Christmas! TaDa 

Although I do realize my Ohio family and friends don't consider this much of a snowfall.

 Then it was time to put our Christmas pj's on and get ready for Santa

Papa read them The Night before Christmas. Using the same Pop Up book he read to our kids.TaDa
Lily got Rudolph an apple and cookies for Santa

The boys added lactose free egg nog and a diabetic friendly banana


Not many gifts this year because of the move but Santa did leave this little trampoline that needed two people to put it together.

Time For the Magic to Begin


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