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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

One empty stocking
First one up just like his mommy

Look what I got, come on Mommy

My stocking

"Is it time to get up yet?"

"all for meeee?"

A flashlight. Stocking stuffers, gotts love em

"special" candy
Peanuts .Stocking stuffers, gotta love em

She wasn't quite ready to get up but we were ready to get her up

Even socks are exciting from Santa

There she goes . . . let the fun begin

Glitter glue! Stocking stuffers, gotta love em

a pooping candy reindeer

Papa open it for me?

Baby Cinderella in one hand bubbles in the other. Simple pleasures
My own body butter!

"Here Mommy, this is for you"

Even Mommy got a surprise. Santa filled HER stocking too

A MobiGo is going to be great for their trip

Veggie Tales!

Books just like the ones Sami has. I love them

Innotab2 perfect for the big trip coming up

My own suitcase

By the way I'm not a Grinch. I like when he realizes Christmas is more than comes from a store. My fav story

Bitty Baby car seat

That's Daddy on the computer in the middle of the mess. Not the best, seemed a bit like torture

Then we went across the street for breakfast with the cousins. Charlie and family were house sitting while Thomas and family were in DisneyWorld

Papa you probably shouldn't be doing that

the smoke detector worked

 Ready for Church

He made us an ornament at school. We told him to give it to his family but he wanted us to have it on our tree

from Lily's vantage

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