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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping Busy

We keep busy around here. Maybe not always by choice because there are days we'd just as soon stay in our pj's and watch TV but the kids NEVER have those days so we get dressed and get busy

Cooking is always a good way to keep anyone busy

No matter how busy we always have time to talk to Daddy
Give them a sponge and they're busy for an hour or so

Practicing our writing is another great go to.
Although sometimes the set up and clean up takes longer

Surprise packages -Nothing Better

They got a package from my sister. Look at all that stuff she fit in that little box

They each got an ornament and were pretty tickled

It took some convincing but we finally got Lily to actually hang her little lamb on the tree

There was even a game for the boys

and a book for Lily

They also got letters from Santa on the same day

Thomas and Natalie's church had their Christmas service early

The kids were involved by having a Christmas story read to them

Natalie and the group always make the music fun
The little kids had a party during the service

They made crafts and played games

Ella was happy to go get her little sister after the service.
They are so sweet

They came home with all kinds of goodies
Then Jen & I, along with Sami, went into Thomas's classroom to help them make Gingerbread Houses. I'm pretty sure they weren't meant to be eaten but she ate it none the less

We tire them out but they certainly don't sleep as long as we think they should. Generally in bed by 8:30 and up around 6:30

If all else fails we send them to Papa where they watch TV and get candy


Because I guess we don't have enough toys they have to find something else to keep them busy

Some days we even have to close the gate to keep them on the level with the toys
We do try to get them to watch a bit of TV too but they don't sit still much

again because we obviously don't have enough toys they use the Daddy Army Nutcracker

Yes, I'm the one who gave them the peanuts. Who knows what they would have found to crack.

Of course there is always the standard running and screaming after dumping out all the DVD's

A Random Act of Kindness

On a side note when Tom took Lily out one afternoon to do Christmas shopping A sweet lady came up to them and said she had just won a toy in the store's random drawing and she wanted Lily to have it.
Lily now owns a FURBY. It still brings tears to my eyes

The Bouncy House

Charlie and the kids even came along this time

I think I need to put this one on a coffee mug or something.

Wyatt was a little grumpy but Papa didn't mind

Santa was even there and SHE did a great job

Pizza, juice and cupcakes.

Busy, Busy, Busy and loving it!

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