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Friday, June 28, 2013

A Couple More Birthdays

 We celebrated two more birthdays this past week end. Our ZZ turned two and our Sami turned four. Thomas and Natalie welcomed Baby Z to share in Sami's party in their back yard. Jennifer made each of the princesses a dress for the occasion. She made Ella one too since her birthday is next month.
Our four year old. Princess Rapunzel

ZZ Our Princess Belle turned two.

We had a cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, hot dogs and a "Balloon Lady"

Then I heard one of the kids yell "There go Sami's balloons!" Crap, we went to two stores to get balloons. The first one was out of helium! As we tell Nik all the time  "Oh Well"
Smiles come to her so readily now. It makes my heart swell

Oh ya and there was watermelon

cotton candy

Such a princess. Jen outdid herself making this dress

She liked the watermelon too. Unscheduled snacks for our two are few and far between so the watermelon was a great hit. Low in sugar/carbs for our diabetic and our 36 pound 2 year old.

The balloon Lady made each of the birthday girls a birthday cake hat.

There was also a teenage friend who was painting all the kids nails.

We had to use the roller coaster. The kids of  all ages love it

and we put up the bouncy house too GREAT PURCHASE
Baby Z still holds on for dear life when anyone holds her and I think Thomas enjoys it.

Look at our little Rapunzel's hair.
Yes, there is another girl in the neighborhood with red hair

Happy 4th Birthday Samantha Adair. We have been taking care of her while her parents work since she was two months old. What a ride!

I snuck a picture of Thomas giving the blessing. He'll be filling in for their pastor this week end and I reminded him that Gramma Nancy wanted him to be a priest but to my surprise he doesn't remember her ever mentioning that. Miss her at times like these where she could tell the story.

Even though presents were optional, people were very generous.

What can I say, she loves to be held.

The Balloon Lady didn't know he wasn't a Raven's fan. I don't think he even knew what this was except it was cool.

There she is being held again.


 It brought tears to my eyes that our ZZ could experience so much love.
 Love that we take for granted

She had no idea how to blow out a candle
She knew what to do with that cupcake though

We made Nik's day by researching the carb count in these cupcakes and adding it to his dinner carb count and treating it all with insulin we were able to let him have a cupcake with everyone else.

 WE ALSO HAD A CANDY BAR for our SWEETIE with a sweet tooth
Thanks Aunt Nenni for creating our special banner

Wyatt DID know it was a Raven's helmet

Our real little princess P

Piper and her balloon butterfly


Wyatt, love that boy!

Papa love his Princess P
High Five!

"I can have another piece of watermelon?"

 Presents even for our little Z from people who don't even know her.

Z needed help though, she didn't seem to know how to unwrap but there were plenty of hands to help her.

and plenty of hands to play with her.

 The next day she opened the gifts from us.
A baby doll, high chair, stroller, etc.

He enjoys playing with her too

It wouldn't be a post without a picture of our Texas Sweeties. We missed them at the party but they had cupcakes in honor of our two girls. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Your family just overflows with love. You are all an inspiration!