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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good Byes and Hellos

So as we leave Indiana
we say good bye to these two little sweeties
and the crazy life that was 2013
We drove half way home and met up with Thomas and family
on their way home from Christmas in Kentucky.
We stayed in the same hotel

We went to BDubs (Buffalo Wild Wings for those of you who don't know our slang)
for our New Year's Eve dinner
Tom got a steak wrapped hamburger

tired sisters

Ella and I were the only ones that stayed up until midnight.
We did wake everyone else though to celebrate
We had no trouble falling asleep after that. (she stayed in our room)

It always brings a smile and a tear to find something our Texas sweeties leave behind.
Jack's hat

Tom's birthday is January 1st and in every year past I can think of we have celebrated his birthday at 12:01 am but this year it just didn't work out so he had a couple of presents in the morning and a party to follow.

We had no snow in the mountains of Indiana but look what Maryland gave us.
Hello snow! We don't want you now.

Happy Birthday Tom!
Hello to his new 2013 F150
Good Bye little Mazda you were a good truck

A couple of days into the new year a new little girl entered our home
and our hearts
and our sweet little Nik was getting ready to say good bye
We didn't realize this would be the last time our Maryland sweeties would all be together
so glad we were able to capture the moment

and here she is HELLO
She is one month older than Sami
We are her second foster home and hopefully her last


I found these on my camera after he left
Thanks Nik
Good Bye Nik

Hello Miss F

Now it's these two that fill up most of our week days

Good bye Nik
It was a journey no one expected would last almost a year and a half
but our lives will always be better because you were in them.
Praying for your health and happiness

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