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Monday, February 17, 2014

Just a Few Boring Days

It looks like I will never get caught up on the blog.
Too busy I guess
Miss F and Tom and I are getting ready to go on a trip back to Ohio
Trying to get away from the snow
but I want to post these pictures before we we leave
Snow Storm #1

Ella has Tom's papa Smurf hat on, more of Jen's handy work

Sami prefers staying inside

We've also seen a couple of movies
Tom LOVES going to the movie
Of course at least one trip to the Burger King playground


Ella got a hug scarf  from Aunt Nenni

Book Club at Ella's school
We do this every week
but Sami only comes along on special occasion

The Nutcracker at Wyatt's school

Proud family!

Found some pictures of Nik
It seems like he's been gone forever but it's only been a little over a week
The stress level has definitely gown down around here

Storm #2
with Aunt Natalie

We do miss him!

After the storm

Working on a dinosaur project for school
We took all but Ella to see Dinosaur Train Live
Water fountains were pretty exciting too

She thinks these are just for Nik
His favorite no carb snack
She doesn't realize she will never see him again
Pictures from Texas where it's 80!


Some retail therapy

Honor Roll Breakfast with Ella

The insurance company refused to pay for Ella's Mito Cocktail this month so while waiting on the appeal the doctor suggested the most important vitamins over the counter so this is what she's taking. The doctor said she would need to take up to 50 to cover what the cocktail does and the liquid absorbs so much better.

She worked so hard for this!

Keeping Miss F entertained without Nik around.

Then since Ella didn't go to Dinosaur Train
 her and i went to dinner (her choice) and a play.

She wanted to do a puzzle after we got back like we used to do

Getting ready for our trip to the hotel
she tried on her new bathing suit and
 wanted to wear it in her bath

I saw Nik for book Club this week too
he was surprised to see me
He said i live at my visit house all the time now
I know baby
then a big smile, hugs and a lot of I love you Grams

Storm # I don't even know any more

We snuck out in between storms
before they even had the back roads cleared
I didn't get a chance to post this before we left
but we had a GREAT time

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