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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Our two foster children.
One is leaving after being with us for 17 months
and one looks like she may be with us just as long.
Not sure what their futures hold but we pray every day for them.
I've been struggling with updating the blog. I have so may things to post yet when I have a free hour (which doesn't come very often) I choose to play a mindless FB game or shopping online for much needed clothes(not!) for all the kids.
I want to do the blog for the grandkids. Stories, memories and times I don't want to forget to tell them. So what is wrong with me?
Things are good. We have enough money. Not alot but what we need and some to spare. Honestly it is more than we had when we were raising our young family. Our health is good except for Tom's chronic pain and fused back. I  have reflux and passed a kidney stone last month and we both need to loose weight but hey we are in our mid 50's now. We don't really have time to be sick anyway. We love our little ones and are happy and able to take them to movies, plays, restaurants, church and even field trips.
Yes, we are busy transporting grandkids and foster kids to and from school, visits, errands, dr appointments. We are learning to live on the fly. Dealing with so many people in multiple families with multiple needs. That's no excuse for not doing the one thing I promised myself I would do for the kids. This Blog.
Yes, fostering keeps us busier than any job ever did. We were asked if we were ready to adopt a foster child and of course our answer is yes, if that is in the best interest of the child but we have no NEED. We rasied three wonderful, successful children with three wonderful spouses and soon to be seven wonderful grandchildren. There is always more room in your heart for more. It's an emotional roller coaster but that can't be an excuse.
Then someone comes up to me and says "Can I sit on your lap?" and what can you say so they sit on your lap and talk to you (or sing) I completely loose my train of thought. GEEZE

I'll be back, I need to be, it's what I promised myself I would do for my family.

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