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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Second Half of our Indiana Adventure

The object of the trip was to spend some time with these sweeties and have them spend time with their cousins company but we are already looking forward to a great family get together in July when the newest Dennison arrives.

"Here Papa, hold my baby Rose"

I think my camera got hijacked again

Jack was amazed with this worm on the porch
and had to rescue it and take it out to some dirt.

Legos are not just for kids

Off to do some inside glow in the dark Putt Putt

poor baby got chapped cheeks but it didn't seem to bother her

I hope the kids look back and realize how hard all this bending is for Papa
He would do almost anything for his sweeties

Then Daddy and Jack played a laser game.
They had to get past all the beams
Pretty funny looking without being able to see the beams in the pictures

Mommy was  prepared for 'down' time with experiments and cooking projects.

A family portrait

We found some indoor water slides
One of the few things Papa just CAN'T do even for his sweeties
So we watched and then went back to the cabin to cook dinner for 16
Natalie's dad brought us a beef roast and some potatoes
so we didn't really have much choice Hahaha

This is blurry but I love it!
Father and son love.

Natalie's brother and niece
So good to be able to spend time with them too

Ella was lucky to have cousins from both sides there

Sami usually needs some prodding to try new things
She has a good Daddy who is patient with her

Always a smile!

Uncle Tommy

Grammy Bev
Natalie's parents have 6 granddaughters
I think they would like this next one to be a grandSON

I wish I would have gotten Natalie's whole look
She had snow boots on

Natalie's parents

Grammy Bev and daddy making Sky laugh

Natalie's youngest brother was able to come too
They all love Uncle Al!

Uncle Donnie and Sami


Worn out after swimming and Lazer Tag
The Furnivals


Legos are great to take on a trip.
They don't take up much space and
they are good for all age levels.
We hoped to hang around the fire pit but with the rain we got instead of snow it took awhile to get going. I think it took two soldiers and an airman two hours to get it going but they weren't going to quit until it was done.

He is never far from his technology even though we had little to no reception.

Can you tell they are mother and daughter?

Missing Charlie
I love seeing our grown up kids together

Ice cream ala Gramma Nancy (served in a coffee cup)
she liked to use cups with handles instead of bowls

Lactaid for the Branson bellies after this

Poser. She knows she's cute

I love seeing our "married in" children as friends too

Like I said Jennifer always has something ready for the down time
Even when there is no down time
Nail polish all around

Sophia is getting so old.
I think Aunt Natny and Uncle Al
 enjoyed their time talking to the big girls

Love seeing the love
They don't see each other often
but they are so comfortable with each other

Look what Uncle Tommy got him
Fossils you can dig out yourself

I loved watching them interact
Aunt and niece talking about the books they enjoy reading

Lily got Princess babies
Happy Baby

Fathers and daughters

three in a bed
and they stayed all night


The girls didn't stay with us the whole time but
it was nice to have a night or two

"I get in your bed with you"

It was exhausting and
the time went way too fast
Good Bye sweeties
See you in April

Then we said good bye to the rustic cabin
We had fun but not thinking we'll be back
This was the road to the cabin.
Not sure what you would do if it snowed or
heaven forbid a car was coming the other way
or both

because this was what we saw at the top of the hill
the road actually disappeared it was at such a steep angle
Then as we were doing the last walk through
 I spotted this on the floor.
Thanks Dad, We love you too

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