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Friday, May 15, 2009

GUEST ROOM ie Nenni's Room

It's Friday so I'm joining
Kelly's Korner's blog and showing our
"Guest Room"

Welcome to our guest room. It has been used mostly by our daughter, Jennifer(otherwise known as Nenni by our granddaughter). Her husband of four years has done TWO tours of duty in Iraq and she stayed with us both times (engaged through the first & married through the second). Thankfully he has returned healthyand they now have a 14 month old son(born while he was in Iraq last time)

You can read about them @ http://babybranson.blogspot.com/

Now, on to our "Guest Room"

My favorite part of the room are the curtains that are from the 40's. I got them on E-bay for $16 including shipping.

I made the cross stitch below for my daughter's room when she was a toddler and she had it re framed recently so what better place to put it but in "her room"

Below that is one of four "shabby sheik" shelvesI painted & stenciled with the words live, dream, hope. On that shelf are pictures of the grandkids of course.

A plaque that says Angels Gather Here was once Tom's grandmother's also hangs there.

Below, another sewing machine used as a side table.This one was Tom's Great Aunt Rosie's.On the table is a picture of my daughter & her husbandthat she had there when he was gone and a Disney Princess music box that they got on their honeymoon.My granddaughter loves it so much that Aunt Nenni was more than happy to leave it for safe keeping.The chair came from Target and the afghan was made by my Gram who lived with my family from the time I was 10 and has been gone now since 1983.

My Gram & our sons Charlie & Tommy Spring1982

Below; my husband uses the closet and gets dressed here so as not to bother me while I sleep. He's such a sweetie! The next picture is of the dresser that was his great grandparents. We snatched it from his mother's house (formerly his grand parents house & formerly his great grandparents house) when they were using it
in the basement as a tool box. On top of it are pictures of . . .you guessed it
the grandkids!

The bed is from the 40's, we bought it from an antique store in Kentucky when we lived there about 10 years ago.

The shelf above the dresser has some of Nenni's Little House and American Girl books & a small painting of a ballerina that her dad got her because it reminded him of when she was little & took ballet classes.

Here are the other two shelves and the two framed prints that hang above the bed that we saved from my daughter's room as a child.The items on the long shelf are antiques from a Flea Market in Germany where Jen was born.

Since Brutus, our 2 year old English Bulldog, was a hit
I thought I'd just throw one in of him!

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  1. That room was a great comfort for so long for me. Thanks!!

    I never realized how much of your stuff has stories, or means something...i guess it is all just a given normally.