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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where You Live Friday-Kids' Room ie Ella's Room

This is our grandkids room. Our granddaughter stays with us during the day and she calls it her room. Small but full of love!

"Ella's" bed is on one side of the room. My mother and I made these transportation quilts together for my sons in 1981/82. My dad bought me the doll for Christmas as an adult because he thought it looked like me when I was little. There are also popsicle stick churches that our sons made for my mom at church when they were in elementary school and she kept them. A poem that Tom's grandmother wrote is there and above the tv is a painting by our granddaughter.

My parents had these hung up in their grandkids bedroom too

I made these crossstich pictures and they hung in our kids' rooms too. They now hang above the twin bed here.

There's a crib on the other side with pictures of our sons, their birth announcement samplers & their collectible German plates from the years they were born. Also a chalk drawing of Tom as a one year old.
So many memories!


Wyatt's thinking OWW Papa does that boo boo hurt?

More in the drama of Tom's health. After a week of wondering if the surgery would happen it's done and Tom is home resting. We finally found out Wednesday afternoon that he was good to go for the surgery but it does appear he probably had a minor heart attach sometime in the last couple of months. He'll see the doctor Monday. He's been very tired and short of breath and hasn't been able to go into work since last week. We're hoping that since the hernia was in his chest the surgery was the fix for those symptoms. The "kids" were all here for dinner to check up on Pops and he really needed to see everyone, it was the best medicine! Charlie & Jen stayed on their diets I was very proud of them

Pops coloring with Ella while Jack plays at their feet


  1. that is so sweet that you have a grandkids room! how special for them when they come over :)

  2. What a great room devoted to your grandkids ... true love for sure! Thank you so much for sharing and have a great weekend!

    Rebekah and her girls!

  3. Hi! I saw your prayer request on Kelly's Korner! My name is Renee and my daughter Kennedy is 5 and has Down syndrome. I just wanted to let you know we'll be praying for your niece and if she needs anyone to talk to or anything, she can email me any time! I'd love to talk to her!!! CAmommy2KJ@aol.com

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  5. HI!!!
    My name is Jamie--AKA MIMI!!!!
    I live in Gilbert, Az and I found your blog looking at all the cute nurseries, I too watch our only granddaughter 1 -3 days a week, depending on dad's schedule!!! Would not trade that job for any thing that paid way more then the smile and hug(well she is 12 months old so kinda hugs) but they will be coming soon as she kisses us now!!!I to have a nursery at our house, I will post photos of it tomorrow as I need my daughter to show me how to link it to The main blog page where the process started!!!!
    I enjoy reading about other places and other families!!!!
    Please take a peek at my blog, we have been married 33 years this Friday and we also met in high school!!!
    have a blessed week,

  6. HI!!
    My blog page can be found at www.queenmimiconer.blogspot.com

  7. I love the needlework things in the room and the quilt that you made is so cute! How special that it belonged to your sons!