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Friday, May 22, 2009

Where You Live Friday- Dining Room

It's Friday so once again I'm joining Kelly's Korner blog and showing where we live. This is our dining room. If you can call it that, it's just the other half of the kitchen. It's really the only room in the house that we're going to outgrow SOON. We have eight chairs & one high chair. As of now we have eight adults and three grandchildren when we want to have everyone over.

Ella "God is Gracious"

The table came with 4 chairs and we added 4 brown leather ones. This is more furniture from the 1940's. We also got it at an antique store in Kentucky. It came with the table, buffet and china cabinet for less than $500. You can really tell we live in a townhome in this picture.

I got this shadow box 25 years ago and have been adding things ever since. It has things from Rome, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, NY to name a few. It also has some things from our grandmothers and things as recent as Gus Gus from CinderELLA.

Our buffet stores pots and pans, small electrical appliances & even art supplies. I didn't realize the water bottles look so bad there! Oh well, what can you do? The top has SOME of my crystal. I collected Red Bird for a while and there's various other pieces. I rotate it out periodically. My favorite thing is the canister set. I got it on a trip to Chechoslovakia (before it split) and is written in their language. Above the buffet are two prints we bought from a flea market in Germany. They are authentic to the early 1920's. The first one is a soldier going to war and the second one is of him coming home. Since we are an Army family they really touched us.

The "Daily Bread" print on the side wall here is a staple in all our houses since our boys were little. A copy hung above Tom's grandparents' kitchen table. The rest of the pictures are actually ads taken out of magazines from the 1920's. The bottles on top of the buffet are from other countries and a vase from my mother. Inside the buffet are two sets of china from two of my grandmother's sisters.

The left pattern is vintage china from Japan, Kaysons Golden Rhapsody and pretty popular but I like the other set better. I wanted to get more pieces so I started looking for them on E-bay. I was tickled to get a good price on a few since they were Symco China from Japan and numbered. Only to find out that they were actually a give away at gas stations in the 1960's.

Towards the kitchen with an island made from a cabinet and hand tatted napkins from my Gram for curtains and of course grandchildren pictures & art hung on the fridge.

John Robert's "All Done" in our $30 Ikea High Chair

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  1. What a lovely room! I love the history behind everything, I think family heirlooms are so special!
    Congrats on your soon to be 4th grandchild!
    Happy Memorial Day!