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Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday

I didn't promise myself and the world that I would only blog once a week and then blog THREE times last week, NOT ME

I didn't try to be organized and write my Mother's Day blog ahead of time with plans of posting it on Mother's Day (which I did!) only to have it show as if posted the day I created it 4 days earlier, NOT ME

I didn't gain 5 pounds in the last two week (enough said!) NOT ME

I didn't make cookies with Ella and join her in more than one spoonful of cookie dough (see 5 pounds above), NOT ME
I did not pick out a new school picture outfit for Ella from the one her mother had picked out just to match the bow I bought her for her hair (in my defense her dad gave me the ok and the pictures turned out great) NOT ME

I didn't even notice that my poor husband has a ventral hernia in his chest that needs surgery, NOT ME


I didn't buy snack size rice cakes (chocolate) as a healthy snack and sit and eat the whole bag (see 5 pounds above) NOT ME

I didn't let Wyatt and Brutus drool on each other just for a cute picture, NOT ME

I didn't let Jack taste the milk bone before he gave it to Brutus just for the picture. NOT ME

I didn't let Wyatt chew on Jack's hand just for another photo op, NOT ME

I didn't just find a way to be able to post pictures of my grandchildren, NOT ME

I DO love pictures and Thomas took some great ones when we all went to the beach this week end. Look for them soon & check out the one on my Mother's Day post!

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