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Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

So much for only posting once a week! I did not let Jack eat the stale Nilla Wafers that were meant for the ducks. Not Me

After seeing the biggest blister caused by a sunburn on Ella's shoulder I did not pretend it was nothing and give her no sympathy because I really didn't know how to treat it, Not Me

I did not TRY to use Ella as free labor to plant my marigolds. Not Me I say try because she kept wanting to give me "a turn"

I did not TRY to use Ella as free labor to clean the winter off the picnic table. Not Me. I say try because for TWO DAYS she kept wanting to refill the bucket with soapy water and clean everything in sight.

I did not try to make a buttered noodle lunch healthy by adding carrots but then had to add "dip" Not Me.

I did not serve Ella Ramien noodles for breakfast twice this week. Not Me.

Seriously kids like noodles so much they have to have SOME nutritional value, Right?

I did not teach Ella about knock knock jokes. Not Me.
I know that it's like opening a can of worms. What was I thinking?
I did not get jealous when Jen told me that Jack was giving kisses to Daddy. Not Me. Up until then I was the only one he gave kisses to.
I did not show up to Charlie's cook out without my camera knowing all my grandchildren would be there. Not Me.
I did not then instruct Jen when & what to take pictures of. Not Me. Check some of the pictures out here http://babybranson.blogspot.com/2009/05/sunday-with-our-family.html
I'm sorry this is such a boring post. It feels a little forced this week. I have been worrying about Tom and the kids. I even sent them in to our prayer tree. I have been having a nervous stomach and that hasn't been happening much until lately. I've really been feeling good for a couple of months and now my anxiety is getter the better of me. I'm not sure if I'm making mountains out of molehills because my system is out of whack. So here's the skinny.
Tom is scheduled to have his hernia surgery on Thursday, they expect it to just be out patient. he went to his regular DR for the pre op check up and had an abnormal EKG. So off to the cardiologist then to get a stress test which took most of Friday. They said it DOES appear he had a slight heart attack and may need some minor corrective surgery but nothing to stop the hernia surgery. His dad's side of the family has a history of heart attacks so it's always been a big fear for him. He seems so out of it lately. Unable to do much physically and is moody.
Natalie has started having pregnancy induced migraines. They have a C-section date scheduled for June 23rd since her last delivery was so complicated (She had an emergency C-section and then a massive infection. She had to have her incision opened three weeks later and drained, then they left it open to heal on it's own. ) She also had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and then 2 years of infertility. I hate that she has to suffer. She is a wonderful DIL!
Then there is Charlie & Jennifer who both have overeating disorders. Charlie has let it get so bad his doctor suggested Gastric Bypass. It breaks my heart to look at Jennifer. She seems so uncomfortable with her size but then treats her moods with food. I want to help but I don't know what to say or do. They both take offensive when I say anything but how do you ignore your children slowly killing themselves especially since I'm sure it was something that we did raising them.
I'm not sure why I'm putting all this out there. I do feel that the reason I have been feeling better lately is because of this blog. It's kind of like talking to my best friend. I hope someday that letting the grandkids know how I feel now will let them understand me and themselves. My blog earned it's name on this one!

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