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Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Our Wedding Dresses -Three Generations

I'm joining Kelly's Korner this week with her
Show Us Your Life
Our daughter April 9, 2005He was 21 and just back from Iraq and she was 20My "cupcake" and IWe got her dress off E-bay brand new for $250.
We actuallypicked the dress up from a nice lady
in the parking lot of our local mall.
It needed very little alterations.

My Parents October 10,1953

My mother was 19 and my dad almost 23

I am storing her dress.
She wanted someone to wear it again but
it just never worked out.
Maybe one of the great grandkids
can use it for their weddings.

Me in 1978

Our wedding was thrown together VERY quickly.
I found out I was pregnant on June 23rd
and was married on August 2nd

My son edited this photo to look like I was in a
field of daises. I thought it was pretty cute

I got my dress on the clearance rack at JCPenney's
for less than $100. It also did not need to buy a veil
since it has a HOOD.It was a bit warm though
and I ALMOST passed out on the alter.

More artwork by our son for our 25th anniversary.
We couldn't afford a photographer back then.

I was 19 and he was 18, a brand new High School graduate and neither one of us had jobs. What were we thinking! What were our parents thinking!


  1. I love love love your mother's dress. Oh my gosh it is beautiful!!!!!

  2. HI Kathy!!!
    I finally know your name!!!! YEAH!!!!
    Your little cupcake is beautiful and her wedding gown was so amazing!!! I wish I had been more computer savvy when our daughter got married 5 years ago, couldn't probably saved some $$$$$
    Your Mom's dress is stunning for back then, I'm going to post my mom's, mine and my daughter's wedding dresses!!! Great idea!!!!!

  3. What a special post......one of the neatest ones on the bridal tour....

  4. what a neat post and a great legacy for your mother! i hope that it does work out one day for someone to wear her dress!

  5. I've had so much fun seeing all the different dress styles, photos and happy faces!
    You look gorgeous!