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Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Haircut, Fifth Birthday, Moving Away and A Sleepover

Life here has been crazy to say the least
and this week was no different.
It started with a haircut for the big boy.
He only got a few curls cut off
but still . . . Before with PaPa, they both needed a trim.and after, now he doesn't have that
Superman curl falling in his eyes.
The cheek squeeze is a sign of the
THREE new teeth he just broke through! We could never think of a first haircut without thinking
about this one in 1980. Poor Uncle Tommy.

Then there was Ella's Birthday Party
They had it at the club so the kids played in the"treehouse"
and then went swimming before the cake & presents.WYATTJACK The Birthday Girl
Wyatt kissing Jack good bye,
they left from the party on the final move to Ohio
We'll see you soon!

Sitting in their new kitchen

and a Sleepover
Ella has been giving her parents a hard time
at bedtime since Samantha came home.
She seems to think there are all kinds of fun things
going on after she goes to bed.
We were her prize for going to bed the last few nights
First, we put together a new 100 piece puzzle
with a snack

Then we made a pizza with mushrooms.
She ate half of the can before they got to the pizza.
After a bath we ate the pizza
and put the puzzle together AGAIN
of course there was swinging on the new swing mixed in!
Then we cuddled in bed and watched Max & Ruby
When I took her home I hung around and took care of Samantha
while Mommy went to physical therapy for her knee
and Ella had a friend over to play.
Then it was time for lunch and a nap all around.


  1. HI!
    That baby in that sweet strawberry dress is so cute!!!!
    I'm sad for you that the family has moved to Ohio, but like you said God is in control and it really isn't that far, one long day's drive!!!!
    Jack's new haircut is so cute too, I remember my son's 1st haircut too!!!He cried!!!
    Happy Birthday to Ella, so glad she stayed the night with you, how fun!!!

  2. wow if this is life with just 4 grandkids, what will happen when there are 8?