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Friday, July 17, 2009

Garlic Cake, Crabs & Babysitting

Ella turned five & even though her "friends"party is Sunday the family
got together for a little party. We were all served a beautiful cake
The problem: it reaked of garlic and tasted even worse.
It went back to the store but Ella still didn't understand why we wouldn't eat it
Waiting for the party. This picture tickles me because
no one is holding their own child
and Jack is eating goldfish & Pirates Booty
at the fish themed party

Decorating fish cookies Aunt Nenni made.
We all brought her a fish for her new fish tank too.
Aunt Chel helping Ella crack open her crabs.
When you live in Maryland fresh steamed crabs are a
must have at every big get together

Jack loved the crab but the Old Bay seasoning was a bit much for him
so he ate the corn they steamed with the crabs &
Mommy washed him some crab After the crabs

Samantha is now taking a supplemental bottle and when
we had her for a coupleof hours we were able to feed her.
We quickly realized though that the 2oz. was
not near enough for her appetite.
She has already gained a pound in 3 weeks

Jack LOVES Wyatt and loves to give him hugs

Wyatt, Jack & Chloe. Chloe is a 2 year old family friend
and calls us Grams & PaPa

Popcorn from a movie the day before got spilled &
Jack & Chloe attacked it like they had never eaten before

It's been a very busy week for Grams & Pops
we've had five childrenranging in age from 3 weeks to five years
in and out of our house and we
LOVE it!

1 comment:

  1. HI!!!
    Oh gosh,I don't like any seafood!!! You can tell I'm from the desert!!! Every one in my family loves it but me!!! Maryland does have the best crabs, we always go for seafood when on the east coast, Myrtle Beach had such good places for seafood, the rest of the family loved it!!!!!
    So sad about the birthday cake, I hate garlic too!!! So that cake would for sure go back!! I loved seeing all the grand babies over for the party!!!You are lucky to have so many to love on!!!!And they are all just so cute!!!