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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Going From 5 Grandchildren to 1

John Robert aka JACK 16 months Last week we went to Ohio with one of the last loads of furniture for Wyatt & his family. Thomas & his family met us there and we had a great time but . . . Thomas then took his family including our two granddaughters to Kentucky for TWO WEEKS. We then made plans to all meet up again in Ohio on August 15th. In one fell swoop we went from 5 grandchildren(including the 2 year old, Chloe, that Jennifer watches and who calls us Grams & Pops ) to only the cutie pie above because even Chloe was on vacation this week. It's been great to spend one on one time with Jen & Jack but I can't wait to have my chaos back. I've actually been having slight anxiety attacks with so much time on my hands. Not to fear I HAVE been busy.

Things we have gotten Ella while she was gone and look at that TINY pile next to my sewing machine. I even got some Christmas gifts made!

We got a new toddler bed to replace the day bed that we took to Charlie last week end. It came in a LOT of pieces and Brutus was no help.

This is the after, it only took Tom about an hour. Now I hope Ella will sleep in it and not think she's too big.

We also have the room set up for taking care of Samantha since her mother will be going back to work on the 26th. I will be using a combination of cloth and disposables.

Our stockpile

The grandkids clothes. It's always good to have some here. Did I ever mention I have a problem with over buying kids clothes?

The kitchen is ALMOST ready. We still need more bottles. Seems that the Playtex Ventaire wide mouth bottles are hard to find.

The living room is ready too.

I even had time to sand and paint the swing.

and of course there's Charlie's cat K.T. who has made her self right at home to keep Tom & I company.
Oh ya, I got my hair cut up to my shoulders. I'll post a picture when I can but I HATE getting my picture taken.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathy!!
    OH my a quiet house!! I would be nervous!!!!
    You and I have the same antique sewing machine!!! I love mine, a gift from my Mom!!!
    Your house looks like mine --I ahve all the baby gear here that one would need if they lived here all the time, You are a saint--cloth diapers!!! God Bless you!!! I will never complain again about how busy I am!!!
    I love having Camdyn here and want her to feel like home, now the "baby things are put up, except high chair, crib and bigger for toddler toys!!!But I love that I have the stuff, makes my kitchen feel complete with a high chair in it!!!
    Cannot wait to see your hair!!!