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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tom's Back and This and That

A picture of Tom's back after his last surgery. His latest test results show SIX of the eight screws they put in are loose. There's a question as to whether they were even put in correctly so he is scheduling a second opinion. He may need some corrective surgery before he can get the neurostimulator. At least he feels vindicated that he has a reason for the pain getting worse.Pops and The Boys, cousins Wyatt & Jack Grams and The Girls, sisters Samantha & Ella

We spent the weekend in Ohio visiting Wyatt & his parents. They moved into my father's house that we've been trying to sell since he died two years ago. They hosted my brother's & sisiters and their families and even a few relatives from Tom's side. Michele was a great sport about US inviting more than 30 people into her house. We wanted everyone to see it as a home again and that it is. The picture is most of the family with Cleveland Browns wear because rumor had it there may be a Pittsburg fan or *choke* a Ravens fan there and we just couldn't let that pass. There are plenty more pictures that I'll post but in the mean time my daughter has hers posted here.

and last my haircut and our Little Man

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  1. HI!!!
    Oh my I LOVE the new hairdo!!!!
    Cool family gathering!!!
    I will be praying for Tom and his back pain!!!
    I will be taking a little blogging break, more of a comments blogging break, just need to spend a little less time typing!!!!