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Friday, August 7, 2009


This is what Tom lives with every day. Two 8 inch rods one 6 inch rod and six 2 inch screws hold his back together.He has dealt with pain for more than seven years now with two back surgeries, acupuncture, cortisone shots and numerous other procedures that "pain management" has put him through. He's just been dealing with the pain with percocet and fentynal patches. Recently I have noticed mood swings and anxiety that are waaay out of her personality. I finally convinced him to go back to the neurosurgeon where he was given the option of trying a fairly new procedure like this one called a neurostimulator. Yesterday he saw the doctor who does the procedure and she says he's a PERFECT candidate and we are thrilled. It can't come too soon since Jack is pushing 30 pounds and PaPa loves to carry him!
In other news I finally blew out my laptop for real and I had just downloaded the pictures from a GREAT week end in Ohio. We had it insured through Gateway so we shipped it back to them and hopefully they can get my pictures out and get us a new computer. We'll see. Anyway we went to Ohio and Ella & I went to an Indians game with my sister and her granddaughter. FUN, it went into extra innings even. Then Tom's dad took us all out to breakfast and we said good bye to all but one of the grandkids :( for two weeks. Tom and I then stopped in Pittsburgh on the way home for a romantic (I know Pittsburgh doesn't sound romantic but it was a really nice hotel!) 31st anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope this procedure helps!

  2. Jack is over 30 pds now...32 last month!!! And he loves his Papa and wants always to make him smile and happy and proud!

  3. HI!!!
    Oh my gosh how terrible --back pain is so miserable, I ahve had a bad disc (herniated) and my husband has had lots to, but nothing like your poor Tom, how painful, I Pray that God will touch his back and heal this pain, I know the love of of Papa and wanting to carry and love on his grandkids --so we need his back better and healed!!!!
    Any night in a nice hotel is Romantic, I don't care where you are!!!!
    Congrats on 31 years!!!!!