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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Week with Just Two Grandchildren

So this is our last week with the girls on vacation. As a matter of fact tomorrow we are all going camping in Ohio to see Wyatt and meet Thomas, Natalie & the girls half way on their trip back from Kentucky. All of the grandchildren will be together again if just for a couple of days. Our Little Cupcake is getting soooo big. She is 7 weeks old already and up to 10 pounds. She loves to be held and look at that smile!
We have a state park close by with a beach and have been wanting to take Jack. We had to cancel three times last week so when the weather reports came out that there would be scattered thunderstorms we almost cancelled again. So glad we decided to go and the weather held out and there weren't very many people there at all.
Tom still had to take his walk

and I had to stay in touch

Jack found this feather and kept yelling "here seagulls up in the sky", trying to give it back to them. He talks and talks and talks! We had a great day.

Our dogs kept us busy this week, We had Minnie Mouse get her summer hair cut, poor baby, now she looks like a rat. Brutus had to go to the vet because he was whining and was having a hard time walking. After $60 they decided he strained a muscle and put him on a pain reliever. He seemed fine by the time he got home from the dr.

I just had to post a picture of Tom's new "grill". He blew up our big one a couple of years ago and we have all been wanting to get him a new one. He has been fighting it, even taking meat across the street to Thomas' grill to cook. He came across this one on clearance and remembers my brothers having one for camping so he had to have it. He's been cooking our dinners all week.
We're having Jen , Shawn & Jack over for some London Broil tonight.

We wanted to do one more thing before our camping trip so we decided to go to Wilmington, DE where they have a small Natural History Museum. It took us longer than we thought to get there, about an hour, and Jack talked the whole way there.

This is a REAL clam shell and our 27 month old is 38 inches tall.
I was in charge of the little one. I don't really like this picture of me but it shocks me sometimes when I look at a picture of myself and could swear it was my mom and this is one of them. Oh, and look at the tights. Our little cupcake.

Did I mention that this was a small museum? This was a SMALL museum. When we got done and we did enjoy it we realized it wasn't even noon yet so Tom punched in zoo into the Garman and found out there was one three miles away so off we went.

Couldn't you just kiss those chubby little cheeks?

We're borrowing Thomas' truck for the camping trip and taking some more of Charlie & Michele's stuff to them that we had in the attic. We're also taking a lot of comfort stuff. We'll be staying in KOA park in a "rustic" cabin with no running water but with shower houses/bathrooms close by. My brothers and their wives are coming with their campers and it should be a great time. We're also having a cook out with the rest of my family that can make it to celebrate Ella & Sami's birthdays and to meet Lily. Look for a big post and lots of pictures next week!

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  1. HI KATHY!!
    did you get my email???
    i sure hope you did. Sorry for being gone so long, been so busy living life to the fullest!!!I love your little cupcake and those tights, our little cupcake had those when she was little too, some of my favorite things for her to wear are cupcake items, crowns of course and anything Pink!!!haha
    Loved seeing your outings, I sure enjoy looking in at other grandmas outings!!!!
    NO, you looked so cute in that pic with the baby strapped to you!!!I think sometimes I act like my Mom but do not look like her Yet, I hope!!!She is a darling lady and quite tiny, so I can hope to look like her, just not all the wrinkles yet!haha
    have a fun time