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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip

Tom and I went on a little road trip and it all started at our house on the FOURTH. Look at these beautiful grandchildren. It makes me tear up just looking at them.
We are so blessed! Wyatt 18 months, Ella almost SIX holding Lily 1 month, Jack 27 months & Sami 1 year.
Tom & I left with Ella the afternoon of the Fourth with Charlie, Michele & Wyatt to Ohio where we were able to see fireworks from their back yard. You won't see any pictures here from the rest of that day or the following day at Wyatt's first baseball game in Akron. I somehow deleted those pictures from my camera before I downloaded them. I hate being that old person who doesn't even know how to use their own electronics. They live in an old home and even though they have AC it gets hot upstairs so the next day Tom hung a ceiling fan in Wyatt's room & we cleared the brush from their yard where he got a fierce case of poison ivy as a souvenir.
We then set off to Louisville, KY to see another Minor League Baseball game. We love Minor League Baseball and have had season tickets to our local team since they started eight years ago. This one had a great play area too,

After a night in a hotel we went to our old stomping grounds near Ft. Knox to meet up with Ella's other Grandma, cousins & uncle and leave her for a couple of weeks. yes, WEEKS. We went to Kentucky Down Under where you can not only pet kangaroos & reptiles you can visit a cave. We had a great time but it was VERY hot and the girls were anxious to get back to "BaBa" s house to play.
and no Tom should probably not be carrying Ella on his shoulders but when Uncle Al picked up Sophia he had no choice. LOL

Tom & I stayed in Louisville again & had a great steak dinner at one of Jennifer's favorite steak houses so we HAD to text her a picture of our meal. The next morning we left for home via West Virginia on a leisurely pace. We stopped in the small town where his family is buried. After not much help from a call to his dad about the exact place he called his uncle in PA and he was very helpful and they chit chatted for awhile. Always too long in between calls. We stayed the night in WV and then spent the next day at the outlets in Hagerstown, I needed a new summer purse so Tom took me to the Coach store. We also got a bunch of other stuff we don't need.
We had the rest of the grandkids over for dinner when we got back. Lily is so alert now and Sami's walking gets better every day.

I realize there is only one picture of Jack but I'm saving them for my next post.
Stay Tuned.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kathy!!!
    I was wondering where you have been!!!I missed you!!!
    Those grands of yours are so sweet and they look so cute all dressed up for the 4th!!!HOW blessed indeed you are!!!Guess what!!!I can tell you but do not say anything back yet, as daughter weants to wait about 2 more weeks to make the BIG announcement, she miscarried her first baby at 11 weeks so she is so nervous!!!I have kept it secret for as long as I can and I know you will not tell her I told you!!!!haha SHE IS EXPECTING!!!!YEAH!!!!
    you know Me, I am OVER The Moon excited!!Now I will have 2!!!!Oh I wish I had 6, but do not think that will ever happen, the other 2 kiddos are in NO hurry to oblige me with lots of babies!!!
    Your trip looked like so much fun, that oldest grand daughter of mine Better never go away for weeks!!!I bet you are missing her like crazy!!!
    snakes and me, oH NO WAY would I get that close, I would have a night mare!!!