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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Week Without Ella

Home from our road trip and Tom had to make a trip to the doctor to treat his allergic reaction to the poison ivy he encountered in Charlie's yard. CoPay and two perscriptions and he's feeling much better.

and just one more little spider tatoo . .. Tom has been wanting to get something in rememberance of the baby Thomas & Natalie lost in the 11th week of her pregnancy 3 years ago and this simple little spider under Pops' loving arm was just the right thing.A quick trip to the Bouncy House for Jack & Pops with Uncle Tommy & cousin Sami. They all just love this place!Then it was time for Sami & her parents to meet Ella in KY for a week. We took her to DQ to get ice cream the night before, she wanted to use the spoon but she would not give up the cone.Jack spent the next night with us and whenever he does he has to take the dinosurs with him. You can hear him talking and playing but he always goes to sleep.Tom has been really enjoying the outdoors and goes on daily walks. He used to take Sami but with Jack & Lily visiting he took advantage and took them along.Lily was unimpressed and slept through the whole thing.Look at the treasures he found on their walk! Leaves and pine cones.

Jack loves the dogs so when we were cutting the watermelon for a cool snack it was a little soft and I was going to throw it away and he wanted to give it to Brutus. Why shouldn't a dog have a cool snack on a hot day?
Look what our littlest one can do now, SMILE and don't you just love her bows! Daddy and PaPa don't think she needs them and they mysteriously disappear when they are around.

Last but not least here is a picture of our very first Sweetie on her first birthday.
Today she turned SIX. Happy Birthday Sweetie, we miss you!

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