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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update on John Robert's Burn

John Robert went to the burn center at Johns Hopkins this morning for a scheduled debridement of the burn on his palm. Even though it was "only" 2nd degree they wanted to open it up, drain it and cut away some skin because being on his palm and being a growing boy they wanted to make sure it would have a chance to heal with the skin loose. He was holding his fist closed before and they didn't want it to heal that way. It sounds painful but according to Mommy & Daddy there was not a single tear shed. He even said "thank you". The people there are trained to work with children and also gave him a small dose of oxycodine ahead of time . We feared he would spend the rest of the summer with a bandage but were told today it should be healed in two weeks so that he can get back to the sand box and swimming pool. He has broken blisters on the tips of the fingers of the other hand and it doesn't seem to bother him in the least.
His appetite is still off because of the hand foot and mouth disease which it looks like Wyatt and another cousin also now have. I feel drained. This little boy just amazes me. Mommy knitted up this dinosaur for him with a "boo boo" in the same place as his.

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