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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

False Start

He used the extra couple of days to finish up some projects like trimming the bushes

Last week we got a letter from the insurance company denying the use of a product the doctor wanted to use to replace and stimulate growth in Tom's bones. The letter brought on a flashback of worry and anxiety because it took almost a year of fighting the insurance company to get Tom's first surgery approved. After contacting the doctor he said no worry that he could just use some of Tom's own bone which he would remove from his hip.
When we arrived at the hospital to check in this morning there was a message to call the doctor's office. Oh no here we go, was all we could think. It seems that since the harvesting of Tom's bone was not a regular thing that the doctor did he didn't have correct instrument available to use today.
Are you kidding me, really? You just realized that this morning, two hours before surgery! They said they had tried to call his cell phone earlier but he had it off. Yes, he turned it off when we went to mass and then went to vote this morning but that still isn't enough notice. Family has taken time off work and re organized their schedules for this and he just has his office assistant call to reschedule, "hopefully" for Friday she said. Tom was as close to tears as I have ever seen him. It takes so much to prepare yourself to know you are going to be in intense pain and completely dependent on someone else to take care of you. He just wants it over and to start recovering. Soon Sweetie, soon.

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  1. So frustrating these insurance companies!!
    glad it all worked out