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Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Surgery

Tomorrow morning we will be going back to the hospital. This will be the fourth time trying to fix his back. Screws will be replaced and metal plates will be added. With each subsequent surgery our expectations are lowered and fear and anxiety is increased. The best we can hope for is for a back that won't bend at the waist so that some of his pain from his nerves will be relived and that is the BEST we can hope for. The girls came over to say get well to PaPa. Ella remembers last time and will miss us being gone for a few days and PaPa coming back home not quite himself. Sami just knew she got a few extra minutes with PaPa.
Tom has been working on finishing projects that he knows he won't be up for for awhile. Ella was a help. :) We have been talking about making a headboard for our bed since we upgraded to our Sleep Number a few years ago. He just decided on Saturday that it was time. It came out really nice and Natalie came over to help us get it set up tonight.
Notice the clothes on the bed. I stay with Tom in the hospital and I couldn't decide what to pack to take with me. Seriously! I tried to justify it to Thomas when he stopped over and just stopped mid sentence. I guess it's just my way of dealing with the stress, that and playing games on Facebook. LOL
Time for bed. Up at six to go to 6:30 mass, vote and then pre op.


  1. We built a headboard for our bed not too long ago and I love it! Good Luck tomorrow!

  2. HI!!
    I would stay at the hospital too!!
    couldn't sleep with him gone anyways!!!
    Nice headboard --he made that????
    love it!!!