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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Sleepover, Yard Work & a Kindergartener

Another great week with the grandkids which included some cooking, yard work and a sleepover with Jack. Then Ella started Kindergarten!Ella's new favorite channel is the Food Network. especially Cake Challenge. This is her Floam cake after she moved it to the Judges Table LOL.We made Rice Crispy treats (with three kinds of cereal) and shaped them to look like cupcakes for the Cupcake Challenge.Then she "plated" them.Jen & Shawn were cleaning out their storage areas and Jack was no help so he came and spent the day and night with us. Great time to pull the tent back out.
Ella was a great help?There was a lot of playing going on in the tent but he wanted to come in once it got dark. Can't say we were too disappointed The next day the "men" removed the mulch from under the steps because Brutus has been using it as a bathroom. Jack worked so hard shoveling right along with PaPa but not quite getting the mulch into the wheelbarrow. They put some nice stones down instead and Jack LOVES that.

Sami & Jack (Wyatt too) love the boat shaped sandbox that Tom and Thomas made.
I should have more pictures of Jack's visit but I misplaced my camera for a couple of days. Believe me we don't need pictures to know we had a great time.

She has her own bed, I don't know why they have to sleep together but it is pretty cute.

Oh ya, when Jen and Shawn brought over the stuff they took out of their storage rooms to put in our attic Jennifer stepped though the ceiling. Not quite sure who is or how to fix it just yet. She's fine by the way.

Ella could have gone to Kindergarten last year but since she has a late birthday, she is physically small, she was going to pre-school and this would put her and Sami closer together in school it was decided to wait until this year. I still can't believe she is old enough to go to school.

So sweet! She came over to say good bye. She gave me a hug and said she would miss me but I think she was just trying to make ME feel better.

Ella and her Daddy aka Mr. Dennison. Although she is going to the same school as he teaches in she is in Ms. Barnaba's class. It's great that they can be in the same building. I loved working in the same school as my kids.

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