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Friday, September 10, 2010

We Survived Sesame Street Live for the 4th Year in a Row

Without even realizing it we have made going to Opening Day at Sesame Street Live a yearly tradition, adding grandkids as we go. The first two years we only had Ella and this year we had three. We had a ticket for Wyatt just in case Charlie could get off but sadly his seat went empty. Well not quite empty, I used it for our variety of snacks and treasures. Three T-shirts & 2 pair of binoculars was $72, Geez what a racket. Then there were the snacks. Oh well, the memories are priceless.

. . .and I thought she ate the whole funnel cake herselfOn the way to Baltimore Sami spilled her entire cup of water down the front of her. She had to be uncomfortable along with Tom since he held her all evening but she was an angel.Ella wasn't thrilled that the only Abby Caddabby pink shirt was in Sami's size but she warmed up to her black one and had it on by the end of the show.He knew what these were right away and had to have them so of course Ella got a pair.He didn't eat all the cotton candy at once and he didn't like his hands being sticky. I used bottled water to get them clean enough for him (he came back and finished it after intermission).Cookie Monster happened to be on stage when he was eating his chips so he had to eat them like Cookie and lost half of them (look at those tired eyes, he was so excited he couldn't nap before the show & layed on the floor to nap at intermission)Look at how enthralled they ALL are! From 14 months to six years. Amazing!We have a picture just like this from last year of Jack and I wanted to post it with this one but somehow all my old pictures are missing from my external drive, hmmm. Project for another day.Ella was the only one that really got the story line(hygiene). I thought it was a little complicated but I guess that's how they keep such a wide age span entertained. . . . and this is what they saw.
It was only nine o'clock but we were all tired. The kids talked and sang all the way home.
I hope this a tradition we keep for a long time.


  1. What fun! I am thinking about taking mine this year up in Atlanta. Thinking about it.... :-)

  2. What fun! And, well, it could have been worse...with our kids we did Sesame Street, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rug Rats, countless Disney shows, and the Chipmunks. At least we didn't have "Barney" on the list though Liz loved him.......

    You guys are awesome grandparents!

  3. HI!!
    I remember taking my kids to that for a few years!!!
    Miss C is old enough to go now, and you mentioned some younger then her, so for sure when it comes to town we are there!!!!
    She can go to a movie and sit through it so she will be fine!!!
    LOVE making memories!!!
    you guys are GREAT!!
    love all the posts!!!!