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Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Days Yaaawwwnn

Another winter is upon us and for the second year in a row we're actually having one. Since we have lived in Maryland, ten tears now, this is only the third year we have had serious snow. After last year I thought we were due for a dry winter and when the winter started we had threats of snow and even closings due to THREATS of snow but it looks like we'll have a snowy winter after all. This is all getting boring though. We get snow, it stops, it gets shoveled and it snows again. Just enough to slow everybody down here. School has been closed for three days after being closed for two days for teacher in service days. Now it's snowing again. Yawn!
We have had some excitement but not good excitement. In the midst of the worst of it our little Lily bean had a slight seizure and a high fever and her mommy had to drive her to the ER. Tom had his coat on before I could finish telling him what was going on. He was determined to get to his "girls" no matter what. Thank goodness she was treated swiftly and they were home safe within a couple of hours. SEE HERE

Ella needed some new snow boots and after going to two Target's, WalMart and the entire mall before we found a pair ! Bathing suits and shorts, no problem.
She also broke the zipper on her snow coat but thank goodness it's really not that cold.
It's a wet snow and great for snowballs and snowmen

Couldn't stop Tom from getting outside and shoveling. At least he wore his brace. Thomas hurt his shoulder the first day so Natalie was shoveling the second day AND she made chocolate chip scones, what a woman!"Brutus what are you looking at?"It's just Hercules, our 20 pound outdoor (most of the time) catNothing better than some nice warm noodles (Ella calls them BaBa noodles because her other grandma, BaBa, was the first one to make them for her. Something her health consencious grandma is not proud of I'm sure.) Tom just recently got addicted to these. The only time we ever bought them before was when he was active duty and would be "in the field"and he'd take a case with him because the MER's (Meals Ready to Eat )were so nasty. Never thought he'd be eating them in his retirement. LOL Ella was impressed that we buy them by the case.Of course PaPa shared his lunch with Sami Then Sami topped it off with a Clementine.
They ALL can't seem to get enough of these right now.
Not a bad way to spend a snow day.

1 comment:

  1. HI!!!
    I have seen all the snow you guys have gotten on tv, everytime I hear Baltimore or Maryland period I think of you!!!I do taht with other bloggers to where they live, kind of makes me feel connected to you.
    Stay Warm, stay safe, another big storm is coming!!!
    I love the snowman, wish I had one!!!GREAT JOB!!
    I am not a fan of those noodles, but my kids love them!!!