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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Memorial Day

This year we took Memorial Day very slow with Shawn gone and remembering Andrew and what happened last year.
We hung out at home just family

and finished up the last of the Easter chocolate

Then we went over to Thomas and Natalie's for a little cook out

Then they went to Post where the USO had a Sesame Street Live show free for the kids.
They all wore their Army hats.

The USO also gave them each a bandana and an Elmo flashing toy.

Then to Rita's for some Italian Ice

Good all things considered

Andrew's big brother. Evan, a four time deployed Airman
 DIED of a self inflicted gun shot wound.

He  had gotten out of the service a couple of months ago and had a new job and new son.
My heart aches for his wife, Felicia
I'll be in Ohio staying with my sister for a few days.
I don't know how you get past loosing two sons

RIP Evan and Andrew

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  1. HOW DO you go on.....OH gosh KATHY....my heart is aching....I made a Phone call to my sister as soon as I heard your sad news....My nephew suffers from PTSD....he was given disability for it....he cannot find a job.....they --my nephew and his wife and 2 young sons....I AM WORRIED SICK about him......I think you should be with your sister...what do you say...Not much....you hug her...you HUG her more.....you let her talk.....
    I will be PRAYING for your family every single day....I will share your story if you like...I think we need to RAISE AWARENESS of this...that these VETERANS that return home need some help...need someone to talk to.......places where they can go and be with each other to talk....
    Let me know if there is anything I can do for you
    big hugs,