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Friday, June 15, 2012


Kim, Cookie & Me on Jennifer's wedding day 2005
My week in Ohio is coming to a close. Tomorrow Felicia comes into town with Zach to spend Father's Day near his father's final resting place. Then Cookie will spend a couple of days with Kim.
I haven't done much but sit in the house with Kim sometimes just while she sleeps the day away hopefully taking the edge off of her immense grief by taking some of the lonliness out of her empty house. When she can we run errands. I drive and she tells me where to go; the doctor, Post Office, Grocery Store, bank, cemetery.
The one good thing about the week is the time my sisters and I have spent together. Not doing anything, just talking and sometimes just sitting quietly or sharing a bag of dark chocolate Chex Mix and sometimes crying. We were never close as kids but in recent years as bad things happen we have been there for each other. Just being there and becoming friends.
I don't feel I am done here but I need to go back to Maryland to see my sweeties including my biggest one, Tom. Jennifer flew into Ohio today to drive back to Maryland with me. Kim,even now being the big sister, insisted I couldn't drive myself back, even giving me her credit card to buy her plane ticket (which I didn't take and that made her angry LOL) It seems right to have Jennifer with us though like she has been with every other crisis. I leave her in good hands. I'll be back, a sister's work is never done.

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  1. You are such a good sister...I don't know how Kim gets through the days and nights...I can't even imagine her grief! You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to become close now that you are all older. I had hoped to have that with my sister, but it was not to be. Cherish these times, the happy and the sad, for they will be gone too soon.