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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Foster Care

Last year one of Thomas's past students was put into foster care and they were having a hard time finding a home for her. Thomas and Natalie had it in their hearts to volunteer their home. They started the Foster Care training  program and since we would be helping out we thought we would go along and get certified too. That placement fell through for them and a good home was found for that child. We completed the program and last month were officially certified. We told our case worker though with Jennifer and the kids here at this point we only had room for an infant. We really didn't think it would happen. Then the phone rang Monday and our case worker said "How crazy is your life right now?"  "pretty crazy, why?" "We have a newborn that needs a placement" "WE'RE IN".  As we sat in the hospital room holding a four pound baby waiting to finish paperwork we got a text from Natalie saying they were just called to take in a 5 and 6 year old. Now we're all in and our life has gotten even crazier. This is definitely our calling.


  1. You guys are doing an amazing thing! A good family friend did foster care for YEARS. Then one day got a call to take a preemie infant girl, which was only suppose to be a temp placement. After 2 years in their care they were finally able to adopt her. She is 12 now :-) What an amazing thing you all are doing and it will make a difference in those children's lives. Before I had children I worked with teens in the system.

  2. HI!!
    I would LOVE to do that...my problem with doing it...I would GET WAY TO ATTACHED......I would just die having to give it back....You are a SAINT for doing this....Great/good foster Homes are needed....MY friends did this years ago....but after a few years I could NOT be around her anymore.....she DID it for the Money and Never really should have been allowed....she was quite mean to the kids....never physical...just her patience level and she kind of put the kids down....most of the ones she got were in the 4 to 8 age and they all had issues...but she knew that going in......I finally just distanced myself from her.....or I would Have eventually screamed at her!!!
    Your Newborn is a Lucky baby!!!