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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013

The party here doesn't stop the week between Christmas and New Year's.
Tom's birthday is January 1st so as soon as Christmas is over birthday talk begins.

Jack painting his Nutcracker
Lily relaxing on her trampoline with her Bitty Baby, Rose.
Linking the new Furby to the Iphone to "feed" it

Let The Party Begin

Putting glow sticks inside balloons for the party

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Getting ready for crabs, it's Maryland after all
Jack didn't like the crab so much but he sure liked using the mallet

Sami wasn't feeling very good but she did have a little crab
Ella is getting so old but these hugs will never get old
The glowing balloons didn't photograph so well


The clean up

Then some arts and crafts.

We are a party hard kind of group.

 Flying Their RC Helicopters

Then the little kids went to bed with the promise of pink lemonade at midnight

Ella read the boys a couple of stories
Lily did NOT get up at midnight

Ella stayed awake but Jennifer did NOT
Even Thomas dosed off
Jack, you ready to get up?
I'm up

After three tries this guy decided against lemonade and went back to sleep


Sami heard the commotion so she had lemonade too

The Next Morning.

Happy Birthday Papa

Papa Bear, Ella and Natalie wrote Tom a poem which now proudly hangs in our living room.
Poor Sami threw up just minutes before this picture
The kids picked out this Ice Age cake since they think it;s papa's favorite movie because he watches it with them
Only five Sweeties though. Charlie & Michele didn't show up and and Thomas and Natalie's foster sons were on an overnight visit with their parents
The grown up enjoyed their quiet time
Poot Sami

The only thing Tom ever wants to do is eat seafood and go to a movie. So He and the other grown ups went to see 

Lobster tails, scallops, shrimp and steak. I think he's a pretty happy man

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