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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Week End in Ocean City

No, it wasn't a romantic getaway. It was a diabetic convention and we not only took our four year old diabetic, we took our two redheads AND we met up with our foster son's family. It was a very interesting week end.

Yes, we had donuts and he had a small slice of pizza, apple and milk. It was a learning experience being out of our comfort zone



 Crafts for the Kids

while the grown ups were in class

He wore his cape again that Jen made him and it was a big hit

Ella making friends

ZUMBA for the kids, look at Pops taking pictures

We stayed at

The Carousel,

they had a great game room

and an ice skating rink

counting her candy

and a great view

 we used the pool though

not the ocean for our swimming

Just us girls snuck out for awhile. Our Foster son swam with his parents later on in the day


 looks like we were having fun ice skating, not so much

Ice skating looks more fun than it actually is

He was so tired he fell asleep with the rest of us still awake in the same room

He even slept through his blood being tested and and insulin correction injection


We had to walk the beach

before we left

Our Girls!

We even invited our foster son's family to join us on the beach


Ella is almost as tall as me now


Sami loved the beach and she said she didn't want to leave 'Texas' because she hadn't seen Johnny and Lily yet.
 Not sure why she thought we were in Texas but it stung to the heart

Ella even took our picture

He loves walking the beach alone


She is such a loving little girl. My heart swells just being around her

It was very interesting. Not just to meet other families with diabetic kids but to see our little one interact with his family. I fear though it may be a while yet before they are reunited.

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