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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waiting for the Sunshine

I was reminded at church this morning that we also need the rain in our lives. Like the rain that makes the plants grow our r(p)ain makes us grow. Sometimes it's hard to dance in the rain and I don't always succeed but I do know there is sunshine around the corner.


Tom went back to do book club with Ella at her school this week and was happily surprised that the boys' mother said they could continue to join them. Ella was glad to spend a little bit of time with them. She really misses them.
Jack is back in school. Not as good a school Havre de Grace but it's good for him. He even made a new friend and went to a birthday party.
Packages were always so exciting for our kids to get from my parents so as soon as we got their address I was on Kohl's.com with my free shipping code and sent them a little something. The first of many packages.

Getting Used to Their New Home

Pretty nice playground in their housing area but no swings.

"new" toys in Jack's new room

Napping in Texas and Maryland


This face is the one they use for baby dolls! Miss my Lily Bean

Then we finally got around to the mundane, Thomas came over to clean out the storage area of the basement and Tom covered the bench in our bedroom. Emotionally, I could finally go into the basement where Jen's bedroom was and put it back into 'family room' mode and then I even pulled out the sewing machine and finished the weighted blanket that Jennifer had started for Ella.
Ella's blanket weighs ten pounds and would have cost over $100 online. It would be worth that much though because it really helps her relax.



On to Days With Just Two Pre Schoolers

Hopefully My Next Post Will Have a Picture of These Two With Their Daddy in the Sunshine


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