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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Missing Pictures

I got my laptop back and they were able to retrieve all my information before they replaced the hard drive. Have to second guess the decision to put $300 into a $2,000 5 year old computer. For now I'm up and running. Here are the rest of the pictures from the last week with Jen and the kids and Natalie and Thomas' boys.

a party at thomas and natalie's

Too bad Charlie and Michele couldn't make the trip over.
Would have been nice to have them all together one last time

Looks like someone got a little too close to the cake. I will blame one of the kids

This wasn't even one of our sweeties but I didn't mind sharing my cake

Thank You Thomas and Natalie

They even got special pizza for the Branson kids with no cheese

Ginger was even a little sad

Already missing them


The electronics are getting out of hand!

In the bathroom?

Always good snacks at our house but Papa was a bit disappointed when he went to get himself a cupcake and they were all gone.

I don't understand the interest in watching someone play a game

We had Thomas and his crew for dinner one last time and who doesn't like spaghetti? Our diabetic 4 year old that's who.


No wait, not stickers, tattoos


the boys getting ready for school their last day here

My rule was always no electronics before school but . . .

 we will miss you guys! be happy!


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