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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fighting Sideways Pictures

The desktop computer is so much slower than my laptop. I'm going to have to get used to scheduling more time for myself to post updates. Back up plan is , Natalie is going to show me how to use my laptop as a CPU with my current monitor. I hate to loose the use of this CPU though, I have it set up for the kids to play their online games. I feel like stopping blogging but it is the greatest thing I have to leave to my sweeties so I will push through this glitch.
Anyway, on to the important things. The middle of February is always busy with Valentine's Day and Thomas' birthday and there's always those day to day things that keep us hopping.

Even sideways she's adorable

and the 100th day of school
don't Ella and Daddy look like it's been 100 years not 100 days

Sorry can't figure out how to turn this. It was right before I inserted it

He got to bring home the classroom Stegosaurus and write about it. He has come so far in the 5  months he's been with us!
Valentines Day brought TWO shipments of chocolate covered strawberries
Tom was a bit down because this bunch that Jennifer sent him was more than what he sent me and he doesn't like her spending that much. He also got me a dress that I was admiring for our 35th wedding anniversary celebration.

with chocolate

without chocolate
and his first 3D movie

and a visit for Natalie and Papa with the boys at school. Sadly it was the last one since their parents don't want us to interact with them anymore.

and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese on Presidents Day

We met his family there for a visit too


Always on the phone

HAPPY 34TH to our son!
When did I get so old?

and a picture from our Texas Sweeties

Eating the stink bugs we sent
and our great nephew turned one. Happy Birthday Simon!

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