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Saturday, February 23, 2013


and I could't figure out how toturn this picture CRAP
A moment's lapse in control is all it took to slow down my blogging to a crawl on this slowwww desktop. I got a little aggravated with a little boy who told me "no" and took it out on my laptop which I have only had out of the shop for a couple of weeks getting a new $300 hard drive, for the second time. CRAP I was sitting on the couch with it on my lap and slammed it down on the footstool and the corner of the monitor must have hit the wrong way. Not only did I crack the corner of the monitor and put the whole thing out of commission, I put a tear in my leather footstool.CRAP Just stuff right?
That wasn't the worst of my day. Our Sweetie's "numbers" were the worst he has had since he's been with us.CRAP Starting out with his morning shots going awry when I pulled the syringe out too soon.CRAP He then had an ENT appointment where we found out he'll be having surgery, not the easiest thing to do with a diabetic considering the fasting and then lack of appetite and pain to follow.CRAP
THEN I went out to the car to pick up Sami from school and the car was dead. I mean turn the key and silence dead (got a new starter). Of course no neighbors were home. Tom was still at the doctors visit and Thomas and Natalie weren't answering their phones. That's when I realized I do not have phone numbers for Sami's school or Thomas or Natalie's secretaries'. CRAP  Natalie finally got out of her meeting and got a hold of the school and Sami was rescued.
Now all I needed was a drink and some chocolate but wait I'm doing Adkins. CRAP

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