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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Trip to Texas and Ohio

Bright and early the morning after the last day of school Tom and Ella where on a plane headed to Texas

Sami was so upset that she couldn't go this time she ended up in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
COUSINS! This is what it's all about.
Our kiddos haven't been far from me since Papa went on vacation. I can't even fix my hair or put my make up on in peace. I looked down and this is what I found.
Winning Papa's heart all over again, one giggle at a time.

She is the BEST big cousin ever!

Ella got some turquois jewelry, wanting earrings most of all. Big deal for her and her sensory issues.
 Daddy is calling this her summer of 'brave'

I can't believe he did this. Crazy Papa's will do anything to make Sweeties happy.

Look at her new boots. Can't say much for the rest of her outfit though. LOL

This steak house had a little area set up to see animals too. I think at one time they probably raised their own meat.

There is always water fun in Texas!

There was a flea market and they got some pretty cool stuff from Mexico. I can't believe they found so many things other than what we did when I was there to do.
Jack riding a pony at the flea market

Keeping busy in Maryland too
Strawberries, whip cream and sweet peas and she ate it!

Looking for ants, part of treating his phobia, poor guy.

Oh! and Charlie and Michele finally made it back to Ohio for a day to get their things out of storage. It has been more than a year and a half!
Wyatt jumped right in his Daddy's old desk.
We got it for Charlie when we were stationed in Ohio, recruiting, in the early 90's. The school I went to as a child was getting rid of them so we paid $5 for it and my brother, Mark, painted it at the body shop.

He sent me this picture of our old dishes that we bought while stationed in Germany, he was happy to come across them again. He took them when they first got married but Michele never really liked them. Call me crazy but I like them better now than I did then.

Then Charlie and I went to see KC and the Sunshine Band. I didn't remember them being so disco. They show was great but I felt old. Tom and I will be going to see Rascal Flatts and Journey. Weird combination but it looks like something we'll both enjoy.

Thanks Natalie for getting us such great seats.

Then Thomas showed up in Texas too, Just in time for Father's Day.

 The men requested sea food. So they went to a local place
Ella added to her summer of  'Brave" by eating seafood, including raw oysters and crawfish.

and in Maryland
Donuts at church with a friend.
Back in Maryland I went to church with Natalie and Sami. I enjoy their music so much.

Natalie second on the left. She is so talented.

Tom shared Lily's room with her the same as I did when I was there. It's such a treat to watch this sweet little face sleeping. He held her before he left and kissed that sweet face but she slept right through it. Papa loves you Sweetie. He headed back to Maryland minus one suitcase after a rough flight and Thomas stayed for a couple of extra days with Ella.

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