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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy? No, Nothing Going on Here?

I sure do love smart phones. I get pictures of things as they happen. We sent Jack this ninja guy to play on his ipad so he had to show me how it worked. I try to send something once a week or so. I wouldn't want them to forget us after all
Charles and Kristi
Tom took two week ends off in a row in order for us to celebrate Mother's Day and then to go to PA for the wedding of his cousin. That was quite a sacrifice for him, he loves working now.
Kristi and her dad, Uncle Wayne

Kristi and her dad, Uncle Wayne, visiting Ohio for Thomas's baptism 1979

We also got a chance to meet Tim's girlfriend at the wedding.
I won't even try to spell her name, sorry.
 The brother's don't look much alike.

More from Texas
Lily loves her Baby Rose

They even got matching outfits for Lily's upcoming birthday

They were just so cute one morning I had to take their picture. Sami loves getting dressed up and wearing her click clack shoes. Now, if we could only get her to wear matching socks.

I went in to see the Second Graders show us what they learned about butterflies and unveil their special mural.
Ella is showing us how to be a chrysalis


Sami had her last day in the Three Year Old Program. The ceremony was the same time as Ella's program so Natalie went to see Sami while I got to see Ella.
Good Bye Ms. Joan and Ms. Jen

Then we had a sleep over because Thomas and Natalie had an awards dinner to attend.

My new couch. I got it for my birthday.


Even in Texas

Look at what little Miss Z can do!

In Texas, still spring in Maryland

Starting time out. I think she gets it.

Then we went to Texas Road House again.
This time kids were free if they wore their PJ's

He's always gotta grab the bill.

The Balloon Lady was there and it put a smile on Z's face.
Natalie was so tickled for Z she scheduled the Balloon Lady to be at Z''s and Sami's birthday party at the end of June and we don't even know if she'll still be with us then.

Sami wanted the ladybug but when the lady handed her this little wristband with a ladybug all the adults started to panic because it was so small but SHE was tickled.

The men and the balloon lady tried talking him out of the flower but he was pretty determined.



Tom went to Nik's school for Field Day
Stay tuned for pictures from their Field Trip

Then Wyatt and Piper stopped by
Love this roller coaster that we got for Jack's2nd birthday
 and Jennifer forgot to ship.

Then a fight broke out and it was time to go home.

Don't forget us Lilybean.
 See you in a couple of months.

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