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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The End of School, Cookies and Strawberries

His two for the trip. Aren't they just the cutest?
The last week of school the Pre-K class got to go on a field trip to a beautiful park and Papa got to go too

 Learning all about insects.
Very interested but our little guy has a LOT of anxiety with insects so it was very interesting for Papa too.

 Jaw bones

His favorite shirt. He loves being a knight. His new favorite shirt says I Love My Papa.

A red eared slider. Thomas has owned a couple of these but they never got this big.

Nik wasn't getting anywhere near the snake.
He was the only one who knew why the snake sticks out his tongue though.
 He's a smart little boy.

Then they had an end of the year program.
Just us every day people were there.
That's still two adults and two kiddos extra.

This is the school nurse and he adores her.

He took flowers to his teacher.

 He was in the front row on the stage and was constantly moving. I was so scared he was going to fall off.

They had cake and juice but we took off to go out to lunch.

Look, sweet snap peas just like Daniel Tiger. I'm sure I would not have gotten her to try them any other way.
She cracked both eggs all by herself
 When Nik was out one day the girls and I decided to make papa some peanut butter cookies. Sami is a wiz in the kitchen. You could tell it was Z's first time but she was a quick learner. Of course anything to do with food makes her happy.
peanut butter

She smashed and smashed and smashed

 May wouldn't be May without a trip to the strawberry patch. Another new thing for Z and Nik too.
Charlie and Michele and the kids met us there.

They all love the little playground attached to the patch

Happy Wyatt

Aunt Nenni made him this Super Wyatt shirt last year.

She caught right on. Like with everything.

Piper was being dainty with her picking.

Papa loves to pick and Nik loves to eat.

He doesn't even like strawberries.

 Then we had a picnic

The strawberries came right out of her clothes with a little OxyClean. I love OxyClean.


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  1. thanks for keeping this so up to date, it really is a special gift to have our day to day lives so well documented--especially for those of us with no memory! Thank you for taking the time to do this for all of us.