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Monday, January 24, 2011

Papa Bear

The title of my blog is The Most Important Things in Life Aren't Things at All. Our daughter-in-law, Natalie proved this to us one more time by writing this poem along with Ella for Tom's birthday. It's better than anything they could have bought him. We love you Natalie! Papa Bear
I Have a Papa Bear

His arms are warm and strong

And when they're wrapped around me

I know I can't be harmed

He's never ever cross

(even when I cry)

He just scoops me in his arms

And dries my teary eyes

I know he's really tough

And he's never ever scared

But with me he's sweet as honey

And tickles me with his beard

And if the storm clouds come

And the thunder's rolling in

I can curl up in his lap

And know I am safe with him

I have a Papa Bear;

The best Papa in the world

And no matter how the years pass

I will always be his bear-cub girl.

Happy Birthday


Ella & Samantha

Jan 2011

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