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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Trip to Ohio

Monday Holiday so it must mean a trip to Ohio! We decided to take Ella with us this time, she has been traveling with Tom and I since she was a year old. We've taken Jack on a few trips too and next time it will be his turn. We stayed at a Holiday Inn 2 minutes from Charlie's house just to make it seem more like a vacation. We swam in the pool a few times and even took Piper for her first swim. We got a chance to spend a few hours with my brothers & sisters and their spouses which sounds easier than it is. Thanks Mark & Sue for having us all in and we love your new bar. Wyatt also enjoyed their air hockey table and Ella was our waitress, earning money to go in her new wallet. I wish I would have remembered to take the camera in :( We also took them to a mall that has a huge play area with bouncy houses and obstacle courses and of course Ella made friends wherever she went. While they were doing all that Charlie & Michele took Piper to get her ears pierced. Not sure how I feel about it but I wasn't going to be involved. No pictures again, just too busy to remember I guess. Charlie took a picture of Wyatt on the train in the play area and some when we were at the pool on his phone and sent it to me though.

Piper was worn out after her swimming.

This was on the bed in the hotel. She just passed out. I did remember to take the camera to the 'big event" of the week end, Toy Story on Ice. The tickets were only $20 but all the fees doubled the cost, so frustrating. I remember taking our kids and that would have prevented us from going. This time we were able to buy whatever they wanted although our kids don't ever remember ever being denied I was glad we could get the grandkids what they wanted without worrying where the money was going to come from.

Wyatt looked like this the entire time. He was amazed and even at Intermission he got a panicked look and asked for more.
These snow cones were HUGE. Wyatt got the alien and Ella of course got Jessie.

Ella with her stash. She just wanted a program which she has from all the shows she's been to and loves to read them and retell the story. For an extra $5 they threw in a coloring book. Michele said we could have gone to the dollar store and gotten one but they made it sound like a good deal, oh ya, I almost forgot they also threw in a fake flower that Jessie uses in the show for FREE. look at that face.
When the other kids around us were getting antsy I looked over at Wyatt and he still looked like this. He even wore his new Woody hat the entire time.

We got back to Wyatt's house and I just had to take a picture of the cousins.

We stopped and brought dinner back to the house and Wyatt wanted to use his new cup.
Still the hat is on. This cracks me up although it shouldn't. Looks like papa Bear & Momma Bear with Michele sitting in Wyatt's little recliner and Charlie filling up his so well.

She enjoyed getting into some new toys but she was just too big for most of them.
Wyatt finally took off his hat but just to give it along with a kiss to his baby sister.
"I love you, Uncle Chuckles!"

Wyatt can't get enough of Toy Story Look at our littlest Sweetie. She's not so little any more.
We love hotel breakfast and Ella had to take her new cup to breakfast because she said it was perfect for cereal (She sees me eat cereal out of a coffee cup.).

When we got home we found this big girl soo happy to see us.

This was the first time she greeted us like she missed us.
Jack came to visit us too. As a matter of fact Lily and Jack stayed with me for the afternoon and when she was napping he made a tower and wanted me to take a picture.

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